A common trend among rappers of any age is that they love to compare themselves to mob bosses. They two career paths have a good deal of overlap, as they dominate their respective streets through intimidation and often times illegal activity.

Nas, being one of hip-hop's most notable artists ever, brought this comparison to life with his Halloween costume this weekend. The 48-year-old took to Instagram to post a selfie of him in character as Tony Montana for the holiday.

Tony Montana is the mob boss of all mob bosses, being the fictional character and protagonist in legendary 1983 mob movie Scarface. Portrayed by acting icon Al Pacino, the character is most recognized by his white suit and unbuttoned red undershirt. 

Nas' execution of the look is flawless from what he showed in the post, as he matched the clothes, chain and unforgiving look that made Montana such a beloved figure.

This is not the first time the "If I Ruled the World" rapper killed it with a Halloween look though. On his Instagram story yesterday, he shared a post of his 2017 Halloween costume when he went as the late comedian Richard Pryor, sporting an afro, thick mustache and cigar in hand.

Nas has continued to make waves this year despite his veteran status in the rap game, as he released the impressive sequel to his Grammy winning album King's Disease in August.

While he continues to perform at a high level musically, it is nice to see Nas still makes time for some fun as everyone should on Halloween.

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