In the words of Childish Gambino, "This Is America." A Caucasian man was recently caught on camera hurling racial slurs at a Black man that was walking down the street in Washington State. "Put your hands on me n***er," he exclaims at the start of the video. Keoke Silvano, a Filipino man who witnessed the verbal assault,  was walking by and decided to record the incident. "It went from a moment of shock to anger," Silvano told KTRK. "Just as a photographer, my instinct is to document. So I pulled out my cell phone and started recording," continued Silvano.

In the now viral video, 35-year-old Steven Jay Watts threatens a black man who responds, "I'm not gonna (put my hands on you), I'm gonna kill your bitch ass," after being physically threatened and called the "N" word by Watts. "You're gonna kill me? C'mon n***er." Watts then turns his aggression on Silvano, who he realizes is recording him. "You putting cameras on me, c'mon. Put cameras n***er. I run this country," he boasts. "I run this country, you don't. You put cameras. I run this country, you guys are dead! You running with these n***ers? Get the fuck outta my face, you run with these n***ers?"

Watts is then approached by two other men who ask him to leave the area several times. "My people are going to bury you. Look at this shit. Shut the fuck up," Watts bellows at them. "We built these streets, white men built these streets!" 

Watts was arrested and charged with harassment and obstruction.