My Favorite Color Drops Off High-Flying Visuals For "MAYDAY"

Taylor McCloud
October 27, 2021 17:59

My Favorite Color is back with hectic and hilarious visuals for "MAYDAY"

When My Favorite Color started teasing the visuals for his latest single, "MAYDAY," he included a message aimed directly at the one-and-only, Soulja Boy

Speaking directly to the "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" rapper from the cockpit of an airplane, My Favorite Color let Big Soulja know that he was the first rapper to fly a plane.


Clowning Soulja Boy and the rest of us ground-based peons for our inability to pilot a jet around Los Angeles, My Favorite Color was giving us a first look at the "MAYDAY" video, which features the Pittsburgh rapper spitting everywhere from the comfort of his own couch, to the trunk of the kidnappers who snatched him right off the street. 

After pulling us into the television static that is living in 2021, the "MAYDAY" visuals serve as a perfect counterpart to the song's hectic lyrics and rapid pace. Bouncing from close-ups of the Pittsburgh rapper's golden teeth, to an on-stage spotlight to the aforementioned airplane, My Favorite Color leads us from scene to scene, making sure to always check in with his Lacoste-sweater-and-N.E.R.D.-hat-clad, actual self. 

With colorful blasts highlighting the track's zany ad-libs, the "MAYDAY" video is yet another example of My Favorite Color's dedication to providing enthralling and hilarious visuals to accompany each of his singles and is sure to keep fans locked in for whatever he drops next.

Check out the "MAYDAY" visuals and let us know what you think in the comments.  

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My Favorite Color Drops Off High-Flying Visuals For "MAYDAY"