If there is information to be shared about her circle of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-stars, Moniece Slaughter is going to weigh in with commentary. She might share behind-the-scenes details that haven't been told to the public or put someone on blast by airing out their dirty laundry, but it's something that fans can't get enough of. After Apryl Jones was spotted by the paparazzi making her way into a restaurant with Dr. Dre, Moniece hopped on her Instagram Live and revealed to viewers that the purported couple has been together for some time.

Moniece Slaughter, Apryl Jones, Dr. Dre, Threats
Tommaso Boddi / Stringer / Getty Images

Following her revelation, the reality star returned to social media with allegations that she was threatened by the billion-dollar music mogul. In a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Slaughter details what occurred and said that a man she didn't know called her with veiled threats. "It the calm before the storm, but he was saying things to me like, 'Yeah, you know, you mentioned Dre and Apryl on your Live at thirteen minutes and 29 seconds when you were showing your fans your house when they asked you for a house tour,'" Moniece claimed the man said. "Letting me know that he knows the layout of my house. So first of all, a man that I don't know that just got out of prison, that I've never met, couldn't identify in a lineup, calling my phone, is a threat within itself."

"Then he goes onto say that, 'You know, Dre wanted me to tell you to keep his name out your mouth.' I said, 'I didn't say anything negative about him. Yeah, I threw a little shade at her but I didn't say anything negative about her, either." Moniece explained that the man told her Apryl is his friend and Dre is his "brother," adding that "this could become a situation." Moniece claims this upset her and she questioned what "situation" he was speaking about.

The man allegedly responded that it could be a "situation" for everyone involved, but she told him that she believed he was speaking directly about her. Moniece claims he told her "it can go left" before she "went off" and hung up on him. She said she learned that he's a "snitch" and that she knows him through acquaintances from the streets. Check out Moniece explaining her "situation" below.