Fans have been patiently waiting for the release of Miguel’s new album War & Leisure ever since he kicked off the campaign with the release of the first single “Skywalker” with Travis Scott back in August. Since then, Miguel has been busy promoting his upcoming 4th studio album by dropping off the follow up song “Shockandwave” & appearing on Late Night television in the process. While we’ve yet to get a release date for the album, Miguel did give us another preview of what’s to come by premiering a new song live in front of an audience last Friday at his #SchoolsNotPrisons concert. The song is reportedly titled “Now,” and will presumably see life on the upcoming album, although that hasn't been confirmed yet.

Slowing things down, Miguel delivers a politically-charged, acoustic-driven record that finds him addressing Donald Trump & his administration's treatment of immigrants and minorities.

"CEO of the free world now, build your walls up high and wide/make it rain to keep them out, that won't change what we are inside" he croons before adding... "I'm just saying, is that the look of freedom now?/ Is that the sound of freedom now?/ 'Cause it's plain to see a man's integrity by the way he treats those he does not need/ and it's time we talk about it, let's not waste our common ground/we will fall for standing and watching, all in silence/Dear Lord, are we numb? Where we going right now? / No, not later,” Miguel croons on the chorus.

"CEO of the free world now, should we teach our children hatred?/ chase the inner cities, shoot them down/ it's like we're still running races,” the R&B heartthrob later sings.

The concert last week was thrown together to raise awareness about the immigrant prison system and advocate for prisons to be replaced by community-based solutions. It was appropriately held in Adelanto, California, which happens to be the home of the largest immigrant prison in the state.

Check out the live performance (below) and let us know what you think! War & Leisure expected to arrive sometime before the year’s end. We’ll continue to keep you posted.