The Migos usually know how to make an entrance whether it be on stage, in a room or on a red carpet. Their bad and boujee looks are always colourful, blinged out and unique thanks to their stylist Zoe Costello who knows what the men are into and delivers their visions successfully, especially for their recent tour looks with Drake

“They love clothes and fashion, and I knew they would never want to do one look for the whole tour,” Zoe told Page Six. “So I knew the looks I chose had to be bold enough that they would want to re-wear them for a few days at least.”

Zoe told the publication how she had a month to prep their tour looks, but since she's worked with the trio for two years already she had a good grasp on figuring out just what they needed.

"Quavo mentioned Nascar, and he likes jumpsuits a lot, so I was playing around with screen-printing and other ways we could achieve a similar look,” she added. “I was looking at what other people are doing and trying to do something different, because I never want to do something similar to anyone else.”

Although the guys go to Zoe for her expertise with making a statement with their clothing, she said they are the ones who hold the true inspiration. “Just as artists, [they’re] inspiring, to be honest,” she said. “They all collectively make decisions together as a group, and they all make sure they feel good about it. They definitely see eye to eye.”