In a sequel to their acclaimed "Rappers React to Rich Chigga," 88rising is back with a new episode on Chinese trap sensations "Higher Brothers." They gather the industry's A-list to give their thoughts on the group's video "Made in China" which is currently just shy of 1.2 million views on Youtube.

"They're bringing their culture into it. That's important. That's what sticks. I don't know what they're saying, but it doesn't matter, that delivery is hitting me and I'm f***** with it," says LA based rapper Xavier Wulf. The group, composed of four artists: MaSiWei, Psy. P, DZ, and Melo are off the release of their debut album Black Cab, and have been racking up millions of views on their videos in the past couple months. 

All of the artists vibe with the group heavy and are hardcore impressed by what they're seeing. Migos can't stop bumping to it themselves. "We gotta come to Asia," says Quavo, "I can't wait." KYLE seems to be up for the idea of a collaboration as well, "oh this n**** snapping right now. He look like a Chinese Biggie... I'm doing a song with them for sure."

It's surreal the way the culture spreads rapidly and is having an affect on the other side of the globe. "I appreciate that. Our culture reached so far. All the way around the world bruh!" says St. Louis MC Smino, "when the sun down here, it's up over there [in China.]"

"So this is the future for real. Yo, 2017 is f***** lit. Let's go." adds Joey Purp.