Former pornstar and long-documented Washington Wizards fan Mia Khalifa recently hit Instagram and Twitter to share some sad news with her nearly 30 million followers. A little after a month following the celebration of their two-year anniversary, Mia Khalifa and her husband, Los Angeles chef Robert Sandberg, have publicly announced that their marriage is over.

Both Mia and Robert have shared a touching graphic to their respective social media accounts that shows a picture of their shadows juxtaposed against a lengthy statement explaining their split.

"We can confidently say we gave it our all in making our marriage work, but after almost a year of therapy and efforts, we are walking away knowing we have a friend for life in each other, and that we truly tried," the newly separated couple writes in their joint statement. "We will always love and respect each other because we know that not one isolated incident caused our split, but rather, a culmination of unresolvable, fundamental differences that no one can blame the other for."

The statement continues, "We are closing this chapter with no regrets and both starting our own, separately, but connected through incredible family, friends, and love for our dogs. This has been long overdue, but we're glad we took our time and gave it our all, and can walk away saying we tried our absolute hardest.

See Mia Khalifa's formal announcement below, and since both the former adult actress and chef have disabled the comments on their respective posts, let us know your thoughts on their split in the comment section.