Pornhub’s 7th annual Year in Review was released this week, once again highlighting the "hottest trends, terms, searches, and a recap of everything that happened this year." This past year was an interesting one for sure. 

"Amateur" was the top search on Pornhub in 2019, followed by "Alien" and "POV." According to Dr. Laurie Betito of the Sexual Wellness Center, “It seems that people are looking for more realistic depictions of sex. 'Real' people vs. actors seems to be the draw. It’s interesting that more and more people are putting themselves out there as amateurs. Sex has become so much less taboo that those who get a kick out of exhibitionism can do so with very little experience or equipment. The message is: anyone can be a porn star!” The popularity of the "Alien" search displays how viral the "Storm Area 51" posts became, even seeping into the porn world.

Lana Rhoades was the most searched pornstar on Pornhub in 2019, by far, with 345 million video views. Mia Khalifa and Riley Reid took second and third place for a second straight year, respectively. "Japanese" was the most searched term, followed by "hentai," "lesbian," and "milf." Check out all the most searched items on Pornhub for 2019 here