On the same day she dropped her new EP Suga, a defiant stand amidst an ongoing record label dispute with 1501 Records, Megan Thee Stallion has hit The Breakfast Club to discuss the state of affairs. Naturally, the industry politics are brought up around the fifteen-minute mark, when Angela Yee asks how the legal proceedings are moving along. "It's going," laughs Megan. "A lot of things I can't say because it's legal. I gotta handle it in court."

Charlamagne asks her to clarify her stance on what 1501 records and Carl Crawford brought to the table vis a vis her career. "When I first got signed, it was Carl and T Farris," she explains. "Everybody was super nice of course. But for whatever reason, me and my mom were super drawn to T Farris. He was really nice, really supportive. I recorded at the studio every day with them. I had shows, I was just coming up. T Farris would be there, Carl would pop up from time to time. I'm pretty sure he'd help with radio."

"When things started really taking off, it would be me, my mom, and T Farris," she continues. "When we'd be on the road, that's the team. When things start picking up even more, I got signed with 300. So I really didn't see nobody from 1501 that much." When Envy inquires about Roc Nation, with whom Megan was linked at the height of the drama, she is quick to nip that topic in the bud. "What people don't realize is I don't put everything on social media," says Meg, claiming that she had already seen Crawford talking about her online before she decided to air out her own grievances. 

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"I was at a point where I was already frustrated," she says. "When I found out I couldn't drop any music, I was like I might as well say something now, ya'll ain't letting me drop music." When Charlamagne asks why they would want to stop a bag that ultimately benefits them, Megan basically shrugs. "I really don't know. What's the thought process?" she wonders. She also reveals that Roc Nation had "nothing to do with the problems," expressing annoyance that people dragged Jay-Z into the mess. "Jay-Z not worried about them," she says. "You saying names just trying to draw attention to the situation...I feel like people want to bully me. You don't have to gang up on me. I didn't do nothing to ya'll."

Charlamagne does note that she was the one to mention Roc Nation's role in pinpointing contractual flaws, but Megan is ready. "When I finally got real lawyers and people who knew what they were talking about, some things in my contract are just unconscionable in the state of Teaxas," she says. "Let's just fix the things that are wrong. I just wanted to renegotiate my contract."