It's not uncommon to associate Megan Thee Stallion with a few particular concepts, be it the booze-fueled "driving the boat," the seasonal event "Hot Girl Summer" or that old modest garment assless chaps. Between the antics and the sheer thirst her Instagram page might evoke, it's easy to forget about one chief component of her arsenal. Which is to say, the bars. Lest we forget, Megan first rose to notoriety through a few choice freestyles, which showcased a talent fitting of her femme fatale aesthetic. Today, Megan took to Instagram to issue a reminder of some of her finest lyrical moments, should you be lacking. 

 Bob Levey/Getty Images

"I really love rapping it’s therapeutic to me," she captions, alongside a slideshow of her proverbial radio freestyle "greatest hits." The slideshow features rhymes over 2Pac & Snoop Dogg's "2 Of Amerikkka's Most Wanted," Warren G & Nate Dogg's "Regulate," Kodak Blacks' "Zeze," Junior Mafia's "Get Money," 2Pac's "Hit Em Up," and more. Taliored toward "new hotties" late to the party, it serves as a worthwhile starter kit for anyone looking to dive deeper into Megan's alluring persona. 

Look beyond the veil of social media, and ask yourself this to the best of your unbiased ability. Does Thee Stallion have respectable bars?