She's back on Instagram Live to address more rumors, but this time, Megan Thee Stallion is speaking about an ex-boyfriend who was said to have claimed she was abusive during their relationship. On Monday (September 14), a report surfaced with a screenshot of a lengthy message from a man named Karim York who wrote about being attacked and abused by an ex-girlfriend who was on drugs. An outlet reported that the message was about Megan Thee Stallion and soon, the news gained traction as other publications picked up the story.

In order to defend her name, Megan called her ex and recorded their conversation. The rapper then took to Instagram Live to address the accusations that she physically abused her ex and on the call, he's heard saying that the message wasn't about her, but another woman. He also said that he would make sure people knew he wasn't speaking about her.

"I don't like when people flat out tell lies. So, I just saw some bullsh*t talking about—and I know who it is and they really like, they antagonize me every day online. They pick with me every goddamn day. They always making up stories about me. And now I really feel like I'm gonna have to start doing something about it 'cause you n*ggas are really crazy."

"Stop lying on me," she said elsewhere in the clip. "That n*gga not talkin' 'bout me. Stop puttin' n*ggas on me. Stop making stories up. F*ck y'all, 'cause I'mma hit you with the facts every time you tell a lie." Check out a video from Megan Thee Stallion's Instagram Live and the report of Karim York's message below.