Meek Mill has some words for record labels right now, especially in regards to signing younger artists. The rapper took to Twitter to suggest to record labels to switch up their policies in order to fairly compensate artists when they sign to labels. If they don't, he thinks they'll be regarded as "slave masters."

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

"All records labels should start letting artist have ownership or you will be viewed as a slave master! Make it even for both sides the ones putting money up and the creator!!! Is even too much?" He wrote on Twitter.

The rapper clarified that his tweet was directed towards the younger artists who are thriving on the Internet but are still stuck in poverty, waiting for their big break. He explained that quite frequently, artists sign to record labels who will make tens of millions of dollars while only offering a fraction of the profits to the artists themselves.

"And I was speaking for the new artist the young 18 year old kids that’s prolly in poverty that get preyed on by big companies with offers for a small fees like a million dollars knowing they will make 50 million back off them and still not offering ownership," he explained.

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