Meek Mill has been in social justice warrior mode, so you can guarantee that at Christmas his spirit was in full form. Right before Christmas hit, on Monday, December 23, the rapper hosted a toy giveaway in his hometown of Philadelphia. He had over $100,000 worth of toys to give out, and ultimately this benefited at least 3,000 children. 

The toys ranged from sneakers, to bikes, boardgames and figurines, to electronic items like Xboxes. Meek even brought his own son, Rahmeek, along to the event, who evidently had quite the item on his Christmas wishlist. Meek spoke to CBS Philly about the motivation behind the giveaway, saying, "I got the platform to help out my community so why not do it, it’s really an easy thing to do [...] I actually come around here a lot. I can’t hang on the corner no more or nothing but you know I know the people around here. I know these faces."

It was definitely a successful event, but there was one child in particular who, although he left with a gift, was very quickly empty-handed. Right after leaving with an Xbox in tow, the Philly kid was robbed. 

The child returned in tears, rightly so, but Meek made it all right again by giving him another brand new Xbox. 

Check out the clip below from the giveaway. It's only right to share something like this on today of all days.