Meek Mill seems to have grown quite a bit based on his last album alone. The rapper, who has been advocating for prison reform, has entered a new chapter in his life after spending time in the joint but he is already being encouraged to open another one. Thoughts of settling down with a special woman have been planted in Meek's mind by some important people in his life, the latest being his son.

Robert Rihmeek Williams AKA Meek tweeted about his kid wanting him to tie the knot: "2019 it’s over for the thots my son want me married so I gotta start building 😅😅😅."

This is in reference to a clip that features his son ambushing his pops with the idea on television. An interviewer asked the child what he wanted for Christmas and responded without hesitation while referring to his dad and said, "For you to get married."

Prince Williams/Wireimage

Meek was shocked. "I don't know who the lucky lady is, that's the first time I ever heard that," he says before turning back to his son." Didn't you tell me you wanted the XBOX controller?" Peep the clip after the jump.

The rapper has also been hanging out with Jay-Z lately. The couple he forms with Beyonce serves as an enticing model for Meek: "Hov and bey make me wanna get a girl ... I f*ck wit they whole come thru as a couple🤞🏾"