In the midst of Kanye West's latest Twitter rant, he claimed that he has been trying to get a divorce from Kim Kardashian ever since she met with Meek Mill at the Waldorf in Los Angeles last year. Their meeting has since been revealed to have included at least one other person and, during the sit-down conversation, Meek and Kim were never alone.

Waking up to his name in all the headlines, Meek has officially responded to the drama, activating his Twitter fingers for a quick response.

"Shit is cappp cmon," wrote the Philadelphia-based rapper.

While he does not outwardly state that he's referring to the allegations that Kanye West suggested last night, it's pretty clear that he is a little peeved to have been dragged into this mess.

In the direct aftermath of last night's tweets, Kim Kardashian also issued a statement about her husband's bi-polar disorder, seemingly supporting him as he deals with this current episode. She noted that it is up to him to seek treatment, but signed using her full name, making a point to include West to show some unity.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images 

What do you think of Meek's response? Let's all continue praying for Kanye as he is clearly going through something right now.