Depending on which side you've ended up on, you likely believe one of Nicki Minaj or Cardi B is lying about their beef. The two have been at odds for months, fighting both online and in person. Unfortunately, neither of the two has cared enough to pick up the microphone and record a diss track. Nicki briefly hinted on Queen Radio yesterday that since she's a rapper, her next moves should be obvious. However, it looks like the two are happy letting things go and focusing on positivity. Squashing the beef was a surprising turn of events but before it happened, there was a ton of drama that went down on social media. It was crazy enough for Maury Povich to step in and offer the truth.

The Maury Show is famous for its extravagant "You are NOT the father" reveals but they also regularly run lie detector tests. With Nicki and Cardi both accusing the other of lying through their teeth, Maury decided to get involved, offering to help the rivals out once and for all. "Why pay for a Lie Detector Test @NICKIMINAJ... when mine is FREE," wrote the TV show host in response to one of the artist's tweets. In her journey to find the truth, Minaj was down to head to Maury for answers. "Maury I’m ready!!!!," answered the star before plugging her new video with Tyga.

Yesterday was a big day in terms of drama in the entertainment and music worlds. The two are pledging to keep civil in the future but something feels ingenuine about it.