Allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct continue piling up about musician Marilyn Manson, but he continues to assert that there is no truth to any of these claims. Earlier this week, actress and ex-girlfriend of Manson Esmé Bianco spoke out about enduring abuse from him, but she has gone into deeper detail about the kind of suffering that she tolerated while the two were together. 

In an interview with ABC News, Bianco says she was “coerced, I was defrauded, I was transported from the U.K. to the U.S., I was harbored, and then I was coerced into involuntary servitude, which included sexual abuse and physical abuse.” Bianco was apparently interviewed by the FBI last week, where she turned over evidence of Manson’s sexual crimes. Her serious allegations include charges of human trafficking

Esme Bianco
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Bianco says that the first abuse occurred in 2009 when the two were shooting a music video for “I Want to Kill YouLike They Do in the Movies,” where she was whipped, beaten, and shocked with a sex toy. Bianco moved in with Manson in 2011 and was often deprived of sleep and food, unable to do anything without his permission. Bianco’s roommate Fraser Knight recalls a phone call he had with Bianco where he says he remembers, “her calling me from inside a cupboard, hiding. She hadn't been allowed to sleep for days and days on end.” This is the kind of abuse she endured for two years until she finally escaped his Hollywood home after he allegedly chased her with an axe. 

Marilyn Manson
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Bianco wants to speak out on behalf of other young women, saying, “I want people who are in this situation right now to know they're not alone and that it's not their fault.”