A few days ago we posted that Mariah Carey will be performing at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve party in Times Square to ring in 2018. The news was so major considering she was the headliner last year. If you can remember, Mariah stopped singing numerous times throughout her performance and blamed Dick's production for the disaster.

Dick Clark Productions followed up on Mariah's allegations on their work ethic, saying it was her fault for not practising enough. Well, according to TMZ the chance of viewers seeing Mariah tank another performance are slim considering soundcheck is absolutely mandatory. 

Many may be wondering how she even got booked for a second go around. Sources tell the publication she wanted to do it, as a way to prove to her fans that she really can deliver. Apparently, executives over at Dick's production house knew she would bring in a lot of ratings. 

Do you guys think she'll redeem herself? Check out what some Twitter users are saying.