Fresh off the release of his debut mixtape Concrete Rose, Manolo Rose stopped by the office to speak on the project and what else he has in store this year. At this point, it's become pretty common knowledge that the rapper is the creator of Troy Ave's hit "All About The Money," however he's slowly transitioned into a star of his own with hits like "Run Ricky Run," and most recently "Super Flexin." 

"Super Flexin," which finds Manolo boasting about $1,000 salad dressing, is picking up quickly on social media and beyond, positioning itself as the highlight from Concrete Rose. Manolo spoke about this record with us, as well as other producers he's been working (Fame School Slim produced the entirety of Concrete Rose), and what his relationship was like with Chinx, who appears on "Get Like Me."

First, discussing how he connected with Chinx and his unfortunate murder, Manolo says, "Me and Chinx was pretty cool, because we had a mutual friend, one of his good friends is my cousin. So that's how our relationship started, I used to go to his crib and record and stuff like that. I got a record now, he's not even on it actually, but it was recorded at his house, it was a beat he gave me. I'ma use eventually." He continued, "As far as how I feel in regards to his passing, I think it's really hurtful and really fucked up that someone took this man away from his children and his family, just when he was on the cusp of making something happen for himself and making they situation a lot better."

He went on to reveal that he's been tapped by a few notable producers, among them, Clinton Sparks, Harry Fraud, Hit-Boy and Chuck Inglish. "Me and Harry Fraud maybe have like six to seven songs, already," Manolo teased. He also detailed how Chuck reached out to him in L.A., the result of which will land on Chuck's upcoming LP Everybody's Big Brother.

"I also did some shit for Hit-Boy, maybe four to five songs we did at Hit-Boy's crib," the rapper revealed.

Are you excited to hear the result of these collaborations? Catch the full interview below.