After a video was edited from a Machine Gun Kelly concert, superimposing a loud crowd of boos over the artist performing "Rap Devil," everything is going to seem a little weird concerning how MGK fights back in his beef against Eminem. It's being reported that the video containing loud boos was altered before it was sent to media outlets and now, another clip is making its way around. Just like the last one though, something seems weird about it.

TMZ is reporting that Kellz was confronted during a recent show in North Carolina where he gets into the crowd for a more personal audience experience. Nearly right away, a large man gets in his face and starts mouthing off, pointing at him and putting on a major show of his own. After some angry trash talking, the dude throws a weak punch at Kelly's leg before the performer heads off to a different section of the crowd. TMZ seems to believe that the incident was staged and for all intents and purposes, we're thinking the same thing. If this was a random fight, you would think security would step in or at least try a little harder to stop the man from verbally abusing MGK as he performs. They barely even did anything after the man made contact with Kellz' leg too, which seems totally fishy. The publication also points out that Kelly seemed unfazed the entire time so unless he's completely used to fans berating him during concerts and people pointing in his face, something is up.

What do you think? Is this another desperately staged incident to keep people talking?