On Tuesday morning, footage surfaced online of what looked to be Machine Gun Kelly getting boo’d horribly by fans while trying to perform his Eminem-diss “Rap Devil” last night opening up for Fall Out Boy. Well it turns out the footage is apparently fake and the boo’s were reportedly added in by some Eminem Stan’s who then sent out the footage to media outlets this morning.

DJ Akademiks first shared the footage of MGK getting boo’d earlier on Tuesday, which MGK jumped in the comments of and said “#posttheREALfootage #fakenews,” he wrote. Then hours later, Akademiks got his hands on what appears to be the real footage of the performance, which doesn't have any boo’s in it.

“So apparently some delusional Eminem stans edited footage of MGK performance and input boos in there then sent em out to media outlets to make it looks like ppl ain’t rocking wit him. Y’all believe this or na? They say this the real footage,” Ak left as his caption.

In addition, MGK also apparently tricked the audience into posing for an anti-Eminem photo; which is when the boos started fluttering once MGK turned around to reveal his "KILLSHOT" shirt. So who knows if the footage of him being boo’d is real or not, but proof can be seen below.

Check out the so-called “real” footage (below) and let us know what you think.

FAKE Clip: