Machine Gun Kelly has been making the best out of his "Rap Devil" fallout. Arguably his most popular song in recent memory, the scathing diss has many looking at Gunner in a new light, from occasional crossover rapper to formidable foe. In fact, some circles have even taking to calling "Rap Devil" Eminem's biggest challenge to date. While Em has yet to respond, Machine Gun Kelly has been taking his crusade on the road, touring alongside Fall Out Boy. Last night, MGK hit up Em's home state of Michigan, where he proceeded to put Em's hometown love to the test. 

Standing on Grand Rapids soil, MGK proudly proclaimed the raison d'etre behind his cause. "This is not a battle between Michigan and Ohio," proclaims Kelly, before delivering a heated rendition of "Rap Devil." "This is a battle between the past and the motherfuckin' future!" He proceeds to drop his infamous diss to the sound of uproarious applause.

Say what you will about the man, but Machine Gun Kelly's diss is certainly worthy of respect. Peep footage below. If you're still confused as to why these two are beefing in the first place, look no further