In case you haven't been paying attention to anything for the last week, rap's current top feud got a little hotter when Eminem decided to finally respond to Machine Gun Kelly. Early this month, MGK stepped up to the plate and fired back at Em after the shots he threw on Kamikaze. Kellz remains one of the only rappers to respond to the diss on record and considering Shady's reply, he may end up being the only one. However, the Cleveland artist is absolutely unfazed by the response, believing that it simply wasn't all that.

Kelly took to Instagram to throw some shade at his rival, reminding us all that "Rap Devil" still sits atop the iTunes charts. While that may be true, Eminem's "KILLSHOT" literally hasn't been uploaded to the medium so it's not really saying too much. He went so far as to say that Marshall "missed" his shot while rocking a custom t-shirt of Em's single cover art, depicting himself with a target over his face. 

Machine Gun Kelly recently announced an EP on the way, which is almost guaranteed to feature a few more digs at his former idol. Binge comes out on September 21 but before then, Kellz is bound to be pretty vocal on social media.