Better known for his endeavors in the world of television and film these days, Ludacris was once one of the more outspoken rappers in music. His militant sound was as aggressive as it was simple, often jarring audiences with its raw power. Over the years, he refined his approach to reflect a smoother style that exhibited some softer edges, but the early-2000's was the best sector of his career musically, with the lyrics to at least a half-dozen of his songs burned into the pop culture zeitgeist for years to come. Now, one of his most recognizable tunes has been re-appropriated to take on a new task: protesting the President of the United States.

According to an article published by Billboard, the rapper's track "Move Bitch" was recently used as the rallying cry for a large group of anti-Trump protesters, who marched the streets and chanted the re-worked line "Move Trump" in unison. The protest was supposedly another public act of defiance against the acts of alt-right sympathizers and Neo-Nazi group members and, more importantly, the implicit endorsement that Trump seemed to give them in the aftermath of the events that took place more than a week ago in Charlottesville, Virginia. Ludacris himself even shared a video clip of the rally, using the hashtag "#MoveTrump" along with a black fist emoji.

Ludacris isn't alone in showing support for those who have a beef with the President, as a number of hip-hop artists have been make their opinions on Trump known, especially in the wake of the Charlottesville incident. Perhaps the most scathing response came from T.I., after the President's weak response to the violence that occurred.

"That's exactly what I expect from a sucker. You know, cowards throw stones and hide their hands," he said. "So earlier, you know, they applied pressure and made him denounce his white supremacy homeboys and his neo-Nazi partners, and after bipartisan pressure he denounced them, but I'm sure there was a phone call or some sort of covert meeting with them, saying, 'What the f**k do you think you’re doing? This is not what we elected you for!' and then he had to come back and reverse."