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Lori Harvey Responds To Diddy Pregnancy Rumors With New Photo

  Sep 10, 2019 17:14
Survey says... she ain't pregnant.

Diddy and Lori Harvey have been making major headlines for the last few months. It was rumored that they had broken up last month but after they were spotted this weekend in Mexico together, that talk was put to rest. In fact, new rumors started to circulate with several sources claiming to have witnessed Diddy rubbing Lori's belly as they boarded a private jet in Cabo, signalling a possible pregnancy. Harvey certainly does not look pregnant but fans of the alleged couple seemed to take that gesture as a clue of what could be coming. It looks like the model saw those reports because she's making sure to shut everyone up, posting a new photo and clearly proving that there is no bun in the oven.

In her latest photo upload, Harvey's stomach is flat and toned, showing no signs of a baby bump. Not even in the slightest bit. She hammered her point home by updating her story later on, writing, "Green juice every day keeps your skin clear and tummy flat."

There is no arguing that Lori Harvey is one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry. Neither she nor Diddy has confirmed their romance but they've been seen enough times together that it's becoming quite obvious. They don't appear to be expecting a baby though. 

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top comment
John Doe
- Sep 10, 2019

That bitch bad.

Sir Elvin
- Sep 11, 2019

Keeping her mothers gold diggin legacy alive

- Sep 10, 2019

cant blame Diddy

- Sep 10, 2019

She will be pregnant by the time I get done with her

- Sep 10, 2019

Another empty hoe living off daddy’s hard earned money, traveling from man to man trying to fulfil herself but always coming up empty. Smh

Denatra Lewis
- Sep 12, 2019

Well said.

Kharin Cox
- Sep 10, 2019

What has she done besides bag men. Really so tired of seeing her what about his other children.

Alicia TheG
- Sep 10, 2019

She is cute but where is all the hype coming from......she ain't got no Grammy or Oscars. She is just Steve Harvey step daughter......Diddy won't be marrying her or any others but she's young so she will have fun with him until she finds someone closer to her age

michael McQueen
- Sep 10, 2019

Mind your own business they are legal and they grown have a good time life is short

Coffee Cake
- Sep 10, 2019

Ok.... either way bitch that nigga is 50

- Sep 10, 2019

No lie, Lori Harvey is bad af

- Sep 10, 2019

She think her looks going to keep puffy 😂

John Doe
- Sep 10, 2019

That bitch bad.

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