The case against R. Kelly has been a wild ride as witnesses take to the stand and share their stories. The latest to speak about her alleged experiences with R. Kelly is Cheryl Mack, a woman who once served as Kelly's assistant. Mack is the mother of producer London On Da Track, and she claimed that at a concert, she witnessed a woman begin to massage the disgraced singer. The woman later accused Kelly of sexual abuse.

"That was kind of my cue to leave," Mack said. "I was very uncomfortable." She also testified that she later saw the woman's face near Kelly's crotch.

R. Kelly
Nuccio DiNuzzo / Stringer / Getty Images

There have been others who have testified that Kelly would force them to write letters incriminating themselves so that he could use the narratives against them at a later date. Reuters reported on Mack's testimony, and she also stated that in 2015, she was allegedly subjected to one of those letters after Kelly "lost his temper" over a ruined birthday party.

"I apologized out of fear," Mack claimed, mentioning that Kelly forced her to include lies about her taking "kickbacks from booking agents" in her letter. Kelly's defense attorney countered Mack's testimony by suggesting that she was a veteran in the industry and an adult who knew better than to sign a "fake" letter.

"I wasn't thinking at all," Mack reportedly responded.