The Marvel Cinematic Universe is gearing up to bring a new chapter to the saga with Loki, an original Disney Plus series dropping on June 9th. Featuring Tom Hiddleston in the titular role, Owen Wilson in a co-starring capacity, Kate Herron in the director's chair, and an atmosphere that appears about as delightfully zany as you might expect, Loki has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the charismatic and cunning God of Mischief. 

As the third installment in a string of original MCU series following the acclaimed WandaVision and still-liked-but-slightly-less-acclaimed The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, many have been curious to see how Loki fares on the critical scale. Evidently, several early reviews of the first two episodes have begun trickling in, and the responses are certainly promising.

WATCH: Loki Trailer

Complex has amassed a collection of takes, including one particularly glowing review from Collider editor-in-chief Steven Weintraub. "First two episodes of Loki are fantastic,” he writes. “Obviously [Tom Hiddleston] is still perfect in the role but I love how the series is expanding the MCU in a new direction and we’re watching Loki try and figure out what’s going on rather than having him in control.”

Several other critics have offered similar praise, with many such reviews embedded below. From the sound of it, Loki will open the door to many exciting narrative possibilities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it should be exciting to see how the complete picture comes together. Look for Loki to drop on June 9th, exclusively on Disney Plus.