As per Variety, Logic's personal manager Chris Zarou has been handed the reigns of his own label within the Sony Music umbrella. Visionary Records will be managed by Zarou, Jon Bellion, and few other industry figures in lesser roles. The worldwide talent-development partnership aims to discover and innovative artistry, according to their mission statement published by its handler Sony Music. 

"We are delighted to be partnering with Chris to identify and develop emerging artists through Visionary Records," said Rob Stringer, the acting CEO of Sony Music. "He is a highly driven and futuristic young career builder, and we look forward to an exciting relationship."

Chris Zarou will assume the lead role, defined as the Chief Executive Officer answering directly to Rob Stringer in the New York offices. Zarou has been using the "Visionary" moniker since 2010 when he launched the independent artist management company, Visionary Music Group, independent of the new Sony merger. After the Sony announcement was made official, Zarou responded with a statement of his own.

"I'm so grateful for the opportunity that Rob Stringer has given me. I look forward to the challenge ahead and building both career and global artists with Sony Music’s amazing teams," he writes. Zarou will maintain his duties as the overseer of Logic's musical dealings.