Jon Bellion

Real Name
Jonathan David Bellion
Date of Birth
Dec. 26, 1990 - Age 33
Long Island, New York

Artist Bio

As self-sufficient as they come, Jon Bellion is the prototype for making it in America in the 21st Century. Inspired by Yeezy to drop out of college and pursue music, Bellion sings, raps, produces, mixes, and masters his own songs, all the while, penning songs for other artists. Signed to a major label for years on the DL, the Long Island human finessed Capitol Records to allow him to release four free projects before trying to sell a retail effort. The plan certainly worked, with Bellion’s debut studio album The Human Condition, released in June 2016, hitting number five on the Billboard 200. Bellion is one of two artists signed to Visionary Music Group (the other is Logic), and he notably wrote Rihanna’s chorus for Eminem’s monster hit “Monster.”