To this point, Logic has been quiet regarding what we can expect in his debut novel. The rapper has been working endlessly on the literary project, getting its title tattooed on his arm last year. Now, everything is finally coming to fruition and he's ready to gradually let fans in on the specific details.

The other day, Bobby announced that the pre-order would commence for Supermarket today, the novel he's been working on for a while. Now, the official release date and some brief details have been shared about the project. Supermarket is available now for pre-order before its official release on March 26. The writer still hasn't specified any plot details but he has let us in on his mindset while penning each chapter. He wrote, "I’ve created something that after the first read, you can go back and read it again and it’s a completely different book." 

He has high goals for the book, planning to show the "nerds" in the literary world how things are really done. It's been a personal journey for Logic as he explained, "The first half of this book was written at my lowest most depressed, anxiety filled part of my life. And the second half was written as I over came it. This isn’t just characters on a page."

With just a few months before the novel comes out, are you waiting for more details before ordering a copy or are you curious enough to see what Bobby has been working on already?