Logic is in the midst of building an empire. We wouldn't be surprised to see his name steadily grow on the Forbes list in the coming years because he's been on a nonstop hustle in so many different ways. The man released his debut novel this year, following that up with a soundtrack and an album. He's also been prepping ventures in television and movies, truly becoming the artist he's always dreamed of becoming. With his most recent announcement, Logic has taken another step into unfounded territory, changing the title of Elysium Records, which he launched in 2017, to better reflect his current brand.

Logic isn't only a recording artist now. He's an author, movie star, television producer, and so much more. He made an announcement this morning to tell fans that Elysium Records has officially been renamed to BobbyBoy Records, explaining why he decided to switch things up. "I really feel like BobbyBoy is becoming an empire," said Logic. "It's just really been a beautiful creative space and I want that name and that brand to mean something. I'd rather have all of my endeavours in one place."

Sam Wasson/Getty Images

He then went on to make a pretty crazy revelation, comparing BobbyBoy Records to Roc-A-Fella because of its partnership with Def Jam and Universal Music Group. He says that he's already signed some new artists but that those announcements will come soon. One name that has already expressed his interest in joining the label is Joyner Lucas, Logic's former rival, who commented: "I wanna be on Bobby boy records 🤷🏽‍♂️ can you sign me please."

Congratulations to Logic! Who do you want to see on BobbyBoy Records?