As Lil Yachty stated on Everyday Struggle, the rapper's business-sense has given him a leg-up on some of his peers. The rapper has already signed on as creative director of Nautica, as well as doing commercials for Sprite and Target, so when he has something new on the horizon, we can't assume it's purely music-related.

In a new interview with XXL, Yachty shared news of an upcoming collaboration. "Me and Macklemore worked on something really dope and I really think people are going to love it," he said, unfortunately not going into further detail. The question came about following a photo Yachty shared of the two rappers together on Instagram.

We know that Macklemore is getting ready to release his first solo album since 2005, so it seems possible the two rappers could have put together some music for that. Last week, Macklemore shared "Glorious," a new collaboration with Skylar Grey. Could Yachty be on the follow-up single? We'll have to wait and see, but knowing Yachty, it could be an entirely different lane.

Yachty also touched on the upcoming QC The Label compilation he's working on with Migos. "That’s next, like really soon, which is exclusive. I’m gonna try to break some Sailing Team members on that, and after that they touring with me again," he said, referring to his crew. "Then hopefully we drop this Sailing Team collaboration tape."

Read the full conversation over at XXL. Listen to Yachty's Teenage Emotions album here.