Lil Uzi Vert has essentially transitioned from music artist to Instagram influencer. Luckily, he's just as good at the latter as the former. While he's not an influencer in the sense of shamelessly promoting useless products, he's an influencer in the sense that I am now motivated to drip as hard as he does. I'd post slideshows of my outfits like he does if they consisted of enough fire components to necessitate multiple close-up shots. 

In Uzi's latest social media masterpiece, there's a lot to digest. Photographed next to a PJ, the Philly rapper rocks the limited Nike Air Foamposite ParaNorman One's. He flexes his keen eye for detail by matching the shoes with the neon green flames on his puffer jacket. Aside from his studded Prada purse, the most enviable item of the fit has to be his t-shirt with Rihanna on it. The entire front of the tee is occupied by an air-brushed BadGalRiri suggestively sucking on her finger. Across the bottom, in beautiful calligraphy, lies the eternally true statement, "I Love Rihanna." Round of applause for Uzi.

Yesterday, Young Thug released the music video for the So Much Fun cut, "What's The Move," featuring none other than Lil Uzi Vert