Lil Uzi Vert has always been a sort of all-encompassing rap prophet to both masses of fans and aspiring rappers alike. He’s embodied, and in a way, been a crucial link between commercial rap, mumble rap, soundcloud rap, emo rap and of course, rappity-rap. With his unique way of relaying relatable themes, like the emotions involved in heartbreak, alongside name-dropping big or else entirely obscure designers in his lyrics, he’s managed to tune us all into a new way of expressing ourselves via fashion. About a year or so ago, Uzi started posting pictures of his outfits on his Instagram account in a new, simple yet avant-garde way. The pictures were seemingly taken on an iPhone-- no need for a professional photographer-- with little to no editing or filtering. Each was, instead, well lit and detail-focused. When Instagram introduced the gallery post feature, Uzi took advantage and the result was so undeniably Uzi-- from the styling, to the perfected and particular poses, to the focus on details-- there was, and is, no way anyone could reproduce the Uzi Fit Pic without his influence clearly felt.

Scroll through your Instagram feed right now, you can see Uzi’s influence across the board. He basically introduced a new way to flex; which is a central part of any rapper’s marketing and image. In the end, we could even argue that stars like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, who aren’t even rappers, are using the Uzi Fit method for some of their photos. 

There are so many artists, and so many ways to take Uzi’s method and individualize it, so for the sake of continuity we decided to set some slight parameters as to what a Lil Uzi style fit pic entails.

They are:

  1. Shot on an iPhone
  2. At least 3 photos in one post
  3. Some sort of close-up/detail shot
  4. Shoe shots (jewelry can substitute but the close-up on the shoes is what really makes it an Uzi Fit moment) 
  5. Just for fun: Varying angles

Let’s start out with some examples.

Lil Uzi Vert

Big Bags.

The Mega Goyard, the Goyard Super, the Oversized Goyard, it’s all heart stopping; the way he print mixes the Damier with the monogram is tres chic.

These next few feature the classic Uzi Anime pose: legs together, shoulders squared, smile otherworldly, bright, surreal yet slightly uniform-like fits. And angles, of course. A variety.

One of the most classic signs of an Uzi original are the inclusion of a non-clothing items that also matches the fit like:

Mini Donuts

Balenciaga Magazine


Let’s start out with Rihanna because she’s absolutely killing it right now in the fashion game. These iPhone shots, the blur, the perfect imperfection and the partial shoe shot are all exactly what we never knew we wanted from Rih, but Uzi must have known all along.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie has more than a few examples although this one is the winner in terms of our established ground rules (above). She has the multiples, the shoes visible, there are some mid close-ups, and accessories are present although not overtly presented as a flex. Honestly though, Uzi’s influence on one of the biggest influencers currently isn’t that surprising.

Kodie Shane

A lot of the women in the game are particularly good at aligning drip and personality-- adding their own touches to the Uzi style photos. Kodie Shane’s big personality always shows through in her stylistic choices and poses.

Trippie Redd & Coi Leray

Trippie is great with the "angles" factor of an Uzi Fit type post. One thing that makes Uzi’s Instagram slides stand out are the fact that the shoe shots are angled. It’s not a straight street style shot, the shot is flying, the shot is moving and we get to see some crazy shoes.

Coi Leray, Trippie's girlfriend, has arguably some of the best style of any artist out right now. She takes advantage of every opportunity to showcase her fits and the way she puts them together are always wild. The balance of sexy, tomboy, shoes and charcoal are all present in this first look:

This shot really shows creativity and takes the selfie to the next level in a very Coi way. The surroundings are luxe but not staged, the poses are casual but thought out the details of the fit are never lost:


We’ve got to give Smoke his props strictly for the amount of twinkle, the black leather to match the all black fit and his finesse with getting the shoes into the shot as well.


Gunna is definitely unique in his style and his presentation. From baby blue Goyards, to opting for a video component; Gunna knows how style the whole photo honestly.


Nike Shox deserve to be a big deal again, and Madeintyo kept the flex lowkey with an all black pair and a Good Charlotte tee. The second look is honorable mention for the pants alone.

Even by the seemingly innocuous act of posting more style shots, Uzi has taken the pressure off needing a constant string of professional images and, in turn, is sharing his drip in a very authentic way which speaks directly to his fans. Playing to Instagram’s strengths, namely the instant ability to create something, share it, and interact with people all at once, is what makes the influence of his fit pics even more interesting. With the fashion world taking more calculated risks and searching for design talent in unconventional ways, it’s definitely exciting to think about what directions Uzi’s career could take in the future. 

Ultimately, Instagram feed curation is a big deal. Everyone wants to tell some type of story with their feed, portray some kind of image. Instagram has been a popping off point for so many designers, rappers, artists, writers and business people alike and they’re all trying to figure out what keeps their fans close. Uzi, by simply being himself, has won every time. Whether it’s through his dancing, his style, his music or his honesty, we all feel like we know the real him in some way. The Uzi Fit Pic is just an extension of that. It's perhaps most interesting to note the range of artists that Uzi has influenced -- and even the non-artists, the average influencer-- from Swae Lee to Gnar, everyone is investing more time in curating their feed with a mix of photography styles to show their audience a different sides of themselves.