While leaks are certainly less prominent than in the past, there is still always a looming possibility that your music will see the light of day before you choose to release it. Song leaks are unfortunate but there appears to be more evidence that artists and labels are taking extensive precautionary measures to avoid any of their music dropping by means of a leak. After writing his log-in information on the bathroom wall of a brothel, Lil Uzi Vert understandably was hacked by several parties. Using Young Thug's Instagram profile for a few weeks after getting barred from his own account, the hack is still very much underway from the looks of things.

After previewing some of his new music, Lil Uzi Vert's social media hackers revealed that they have all of the music in his stash, warning that leaks could be on the way. Whoever currently has access to Uzi's page recently shared "Rich Forever Leaked" by way of the rapper's SoundCloud page and, with means of entering Uzi's vault full of hundreds of unreleased songs, there is a great percentage that more of his music will drop under questionable circumstances. While it is not clear how much music the hackers have access to, this may force Uzi to release a project to combat those threatening him.

Now happening for months, Lil Uzi Vert's hacker seems to have a lot of information on him. There is still a large number of fans that think he is behind the madness but it's looking like more and more of a viable option that the hack could be legitimate.