Lil Uzi Vert made an appearance on DJ Akademiks' Instagram today to say that he had been banned from using Instagram by his record label.

This isn't exactly surprising considering what had been going on on his own Instagram last week. After claiming that he had left his Instagram user name and password into a brothel bathroom, weird videos began appearing on Uzi's account, leading people to believe that he had been hacked by one or more unknown individuals. The hack even resulted in a song that was supposedly leaked by the hacker appearing on Uzi's Soundcloud account.   

Of course plenty of people also believe that the entire thing was just a weird, elaborate ruse Uzi was doing, either to market his new songs or jsut out of general weirdness. While the hacks seem to have stopped for now, the public never got a definitive answer as to what was going on.

Now Uzi is appearing in the video, which may or may not have actually been taken by Akademiks himself, saying, "The label took away my Instagram but they didn't take away my money." The caption reads, "They took Lil Uzi Vert ig so he using other ppls now 👀. They saying rich the kid took it 🙄😳," referring to the on-going beef between Uzi and Rich.  

Apparently the label must have gotten tired of having to deal with whatever weird thing Uzi was doing on Instagram last week. Though, in all likelihood, this could be yet another chapter in Uzi's ongoing Instagram saga.

Check out the video below.