Lil Uzi Vert has been spending the last week in Australia, bringing his live show Down Under to the Aussies and Kiwis in New Zealand. Uzi has two shows left in Perth and Brisbane respectively, and he's been longing for his favorite snack food since arriving in the country across the world from his home country. The Philadelphia rapper took to Twitter to share a photo of himself looking lost as he misses Pop Tarts. While, by itself, a rapper missing Pop Tarts may not be entirely newsworthy, the American brand responds quoting Uzi's hit "XO TOUR Llif3", tweeting, "I would say I don’t really care if you cry but I’d be lying, and that’s your line. Miss u," and adding a heartbreak emoji.

The exchange is humorous and endearing, especially since we get where Uzi is coming from. Pop Tarts are incredibly dope and possibly one of the greatest munchie snacks. Uzi plays it up, telling the snack food on Twitter that the separation hurts him so badly and retweeting a post from the brand's American account. 

We're sure Australia has some delicious snacks themselves but sometimes, you just need a little taste of home when you're feeling down. We hope Pop Tarts finds a way to get Uzi a crate of their delicious products in Australia before he ends the Australian leg of his tour on March 2. After all, we wouldn't want anyone to be deprived of Pop Tarts for too long.