It seems as though lately, things between Lil Uzi Vert and City Girl JT are only getting more and more serious. Uzi has gone off about JT’s "WAP" on his Instagram live, taken her on shopping sprees, and even bought her a new G-Wagon -- all in the name of love.

Late Thursday night, Uzi took to his Twitter to tell fans just how expensive it is to be with JT, and that no one else could handle it but him. “Y’all n***** would go broke fucking with my girl,” he writes. “She too much for y’all lil boys.” Uzi also hinted that there could be new music on the way thanks to JT, tweeting, “She got me making bangers.”

Uzi also had to get real about just how much he loved JT, saying that she’s the best feeling he’s ever felt in his life. “I love JT so much that I will do anything for her,” he says. “She is the best feeling I ever had in my life thank you thank you thank you.” 


It looks like JT is corroborating how in love the duo are. She expressed her feelings around the same time Uzi was Tweeting on Thursday night, writing, “I be having so much mutha fuckin fun!!!!” JT also responded to a Twitter user who claimed she’d stolen his phone when Uzi was tweeting about her, simply writing “Okay.” 



It’s always fun to see JT and Uzi’s Twitter banter, and it seems like they'll be keeping us entertained with their antics for the foreseeable future.