Last Wednesday, Lil Uzi Vert asked his Twitter followers what day Rolling Loud Los Angeles was, so he could make sure to drop his new song, "Futsal Shuffle 2020" in time (as if he didn't know the festival was merely two days away). On Friday, Uzi delivered on his promise and dropped the song of which we've been hearing the same snippet for weeks now

Not only did we get a song, but a challenge - a dance challenge, to be precise. "Futsal Shuffle" calls on us to step as furiously and swiftly as we possibly could to its entrancing synths. Uzi first previewed the track - which serves as the lead single off his forthcoming album, Eternal Atake - with an instructional dance video. The Philly rapper took the rapid footwork displayed in that video to the Rolling Loud stage on Saturday night. The crowd cheers him on as he does the dance that's sweeping the nation. His stomps are accentuated by bursts of fire and anime visuals play behind him before the beat reaches its momentous drop. Rolling Loud also shared a clip of him giving a lit performance of the fan-favourite, "Do What I Want". 

Since we love Uzi dancing so much, we compiled a complete history of all the times he shared his skills with us and brought us joy