Looks can be deceiving. Especially in an era where cameras are at an all-time high and context is at an all-time low. Case in point, a recent clip that found rising rapper Lil Tjay getting arrested and shoved into a police car, all while surrounding fans get good and riled up. Despite the seeming authenticity of the clip, made all the more effective by some going hard with the trash talk, some were quick to sniff out a hoax. Well, not a hoax per se, but rather part of an upcoming video.

Today, a scene from the finished project has surfaced, as put forward by Tjay himself. The conceptual, narrative-based video adds another layer to "F.N," and looks to be his most cinematic drop thus far. You can check it out below and see for yourself. Given that many already concluded the clip to be part of something bigger, it's hardly enough to warrant a sigh of relief. On the plus side, it does reveal a visionary aspect to Tjay's character, which plants the seed for longevity to come.

Are you looking forward to watching the "F.N." clip in full? Check back tomorrow for the official release.