Lil Pump is the latest artist to announce that they're boycotting Gucci due to the controversial balaclava sweater. The rapper took to Instagram to reveal that he'll be boycotting the brand. However, that doesn't mean that you won't hear his top 10 single, "Gucci Gang" at his shows. 

In a video captured by SOHH, Lil Pump declared that he won't be supporting Gucci following the recent controversy. The rapper hopped on Instagram Live to declare his protest against the brand, saying, "I am not supporting that shit going on with Gucci… all that racist shit. No, sir."

Pump continued to say that despite the protest, he will continue to perform "Gucci Gang" during the show because it launched his career. 

"That song changed my life. That's the only reason that I will keep performing that song," he said. "I went from broke to rich with that song. You know, it is what it is."

Gucci's played a role in Lil Pump's branding. Aside from the single, he and Smokepurpp recently announced they've launched a Gucci Gang record label. The two rappers also joined forces with Gucci Mane to form the supergroup, Gucci Gang. They're set to make their debut at Coachella. 

Earlier this month, Gucci rolled out a sweater that resembled blackface which was immediately met with backlash on social media. Many artists declared that they'll be boycotting the brand including T.I. The CEO of Gucci has since issued an internal meme apologizing for the video.