Lil Pump is back in the headlines tonight just hours after he was went viral for filming himself getting kicked out of a hotel. However this time around the 17-year internet sensation had a little run in with a particular fan at his show Monday night in Connecticut, ultimately ending the concert abruptly.

Apparently a fan in Pump’s show decided to throw a water bottle at Pump while he was performing, and he didn't appreciate that at all. In fact, Pump stopped the show and confronted the fan, before whipping his microphone at him, and walking off his set abruptly.

“That was you? You think your funny? Come up here and do that shit pussy,” Pump can heard confronting the fan before whipping his mic back at him.

After Pump threw his mic, footage shows security guards getting physical with the so-called fan practically simultaneously, and they look to be hitting him pretty hard from what we can see. We imagine the fan was kicked out and/or arrested, but Pump never came back on stage so it really didn't matter as the show had ended thanks to the actions of one ridiculous fan. 

Check out the various angles & footage that has surfaced of Monday night's altercation (below) and look for Pump's upcoming single with Zaytoven to reportedly be dropping this week sometime (guessing Friday).