Lil Pump proves, much to the chagrin of parents everywhere, that Harvard dropouts can in fact succeed in other fields. In Pump's case, that domain has been rap music, where his single "Gucci Gang" has become so popular that even some catholic schools are even letting him film himself smoking blunts in their halls. With that said, the rapper isn't always warmly received, as was the case recently when he was kicked out of his hotel room for supposedly being disruptive.

In a video that has been making the rounds on social media, Lil Pump is heard off-camera roasting the police officers and one gentleman in particular who asked him to vacate his hotel room for, as the rapper put it, being "racist and ugly." No more details were given in the video, but clearly the local law enforcement meant business. Pump then proceeded to drag the man who is seen most prominently on camera, calling out the fact that he had a "big ass gut" and so on.

The video's action moved outside, where Lil Pump noted that three cop cars had turned up to make sure that he left his hotel room without incident. It's not clear what kind of incident may have set off the 911 call or led to a complaint against Pump from another hotel patron but, based on his penchant for making a spectacle out of mundane events (like shopping with Bhad Bhabie), this sort of denouement can't be too surprising.

Lil Pump also supposedly has a new single being produced by Zaytoven on the way - peep those deets here.