Lil Pump is the type of distinguishable person, let alone rapper, to fire off at the mouth and ask questions last. It's part of what makes the 18-year-old such a polizaring figure - you either loath his flippant disregard for all things scared or fancy him the voice of a generation. 

His latest ruse sees him taking credit for SoundCloud's utter existence, a boastful claim he made during an Instagram live session some hours ago. "I'm the only reason why SoundCloud exists," he said unflaggingly with the camera in his face. 

Lil Pump isn't too far removed from using the Instagram platform to lend his voice to the ongoing Gucci "blackface" debate. "Listen, with all that shit going on with Gucci I am not supporting that shit," Pump said in an earlier session. "All that racist shit, no sir! Nig**s not supporting that shit. But listen though, that song "Gucci Gang" changed my life, so that's the only reason I will keep performing that song."

While Lil Pump sails clear of explaining his outlandish claim, it's quite evident that he's only talking about the SoundCloud aesthetic, not the platform itself, where several hundred musical species exist in their amateur-embryo form. What are your thoughts on the issue?