While the beef between Lil Pump and J. Cole continues to evolve in bizarre ways, it seems that there may not be as much bad blood there as we initially thought.

During the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami last night, J. Cole was the headlining act, and since he's still fresh off the release of his latest album, KOD, he performed his song "1985," which contains lyrics that are supposedly directed at Lil Pump, in his typical acapella fashion. As he was performing the verse in question, a fan spotted Lil Pump near the stage, dancing along to the lyrics.

Even as thousands of people watched J. Cole perform a diss track live, Lil Pump is there, dancing away and enjoying himself. However, the audience for the performance were not as nice, erupting into "Fuck Lil Pump" chants right after the verse, even though J. Cole already old them not to do that at a previous show.

Knowing Lil Pump, it's hard to believe that he really takes anything seriously, so its possible that this entire beef is just being promoted for the clout. Pump's dancing is a bit too animated for a song with no instrumental, so its also likely that he's doing the whole thing ironically for the audience.

Either way, the eternal debate about who is the superior rapper continues, even if the actual beef between the two might be coming to an end. Check out Lil Pump hitting a jig to J. Cole's "1985" down below.