The "feud" between Smokepurpp and J. Cole has been happening probably before J. Cole even knew that Smokepurpp was an actual breathing human being. Smokepurpp and his buddy, Lil Pump, have constantly used the term "Fuck J. Cole," both on wax and during their live shows. Most recently, J. Cole made a general response to Smokepurpp, Pump and the rest of the new generation of rappers on "1985." Pump responded while Smokepurpp fans have been chanting "Fuck J. Cole" at their shows. However, it seems like Smokepurpp is ready to settle their feud in the best way possible.

Smokepurpp wants to settle his beef with J. Cole the only way he knows how: a Milly Rock challenge. The rapper took to Instagram to place the challenge on the table "Tell j cole I wanna milly rock battle," he wrote in the caption. "I’m the the heavyweight milly rock champion in the nation." The rapper then proceeded to showcase his skills before shoving a girl's face in his crotch which is probably not the best thing to post on Instagram in 2018.

Aside from his Milly Rock challenge, Purpp recently remixed Kanye West's "Lift Yourself" while giving a shout out to J. Cole throughout the whole track. Kanye later tweeted the link to the remix and clarified that it wasn't a diss to J. Cole. "I'm posting this but not as a diss to J Cole. I love J Cole. I also love where Purp took his flow," he tweeted. Maybe Kanye could be the judge of the Milly Rock battle?