A few hours ago, Lil Pump finally shared his heavily-teased video for "Drug Addicts" with Charlie Sheen. As you would expect, the song is all about drugs and the collection of pills and substances Pump and his crew partake in. With lyrics referencing lean, Oxycodone and other pills, it would not be surprising in the least to hear that Pump is a drug addict. In fact, his acceptance of the fact would be welcomed as the first step to recovery, should he seek it. However, as he has claimed in the past, Pump is denying any drug use on his part, telling his Instagram followers that he's the furthest thing from a drug fiend.

The young rapper started off his message, "Guys, I came here to tell you something." Jetski looked serious while delivering the message, continuing, "Lil Pump is drug-free. I don't do no type of drugs no more, no cap." Despite concluding with "no cap," his supporters have several reasons to believe he is, indeed, capping. Pump has pulled this stunt in the past, telling his fans that he's off drugs only to turn around and nearly drown while swimming after a bottle of Actavis he threw in the ocean. For review, click herehere and here. If Pump is genuinely recovering from drug addiction, he should be congratulated but with his track record, we'll need him to be consistent in order to actually believe him.

Especially considering the announcement was made after he literally just released a song about being a drug addict, the statement is a little choppy. Hopefully, he stays true to his word and continues to live clean.