The man whose lean costs more than your rent has seeming undergone a surprising lifestyle change. Fans of Pump already know the rapper made no secret of his drug usage, and video footage of him under the influence are all over YouTube. In fact, the majority of his lyrics tend to center around drugs, particularly Xannies and lean. Therefore, his initial proclamations of quitting Xanax was met with skepticism from the community, especially after the "Gucci Gang" star was soon caught playing "Lean Pong," despite his pledge of a Xan-free year. Still, does Pump not deserve the benefit of the doubt? 

Today, Pump seemed to address his newfound sobriety, addressing those who have been inquiring about it. In true Pump fashion, the rapper keeps things brief, stating "you need to stop asking about all that shit. I don't pop no Xanax, I don't do no drugs, 2018." It makes sense, as Pump has found his value at an all time high; label suitors, including Gucci Mane, DJ Khaled, and more have been wining and dining the young rapper, in attempts to sign him to their record labels. 

In what some might call an excellent negotiation tactic, Pump has announced he won't be signing for anything less than $15 million dollars. With so much money potentially riding on Pump, it stands to reason that his team wouldn't let him throw it all away over copious drug abuse.  Either way, it seems like Pump is tired of the questions, and hopes to clear the air once and for all. See for yourself below.