Artists, at least the ones with good sense, understand that Eminem is not one to be disrespected lightly. Those who do decide to engage in warfare with the legendary lyricist understand the stakes at play. For Lil Pump, however, who tends to navigate life in an unrelenting shroud of obliviousness, such consequences are simply not important. Instead, Pump seems content with simply following every single impulse that enters his mind, ranging from cries of "Fuck J. Cole" to similar cries of "Fuck Eminem."

Lil Pump

 Ser Baffo/Getty Images

Though many doubted that Eminem would even bother responding to Lil Pump, that didn't stop the masses from shaking their heads at the young rapper's audacity. Now, Pump has recently made an effort to walk back the incident, taking a moment to speak with Fat Joe and explain why he went after Slim Shady in the first place. At first, Joe seems perplexed by Pump's seemingly docile persona. "Every time I see you, you're a great guy!" marvels Joey Crack, clearly baffled by Pump's aggressive nature on social media. "I never understood the Eminem --- what was that about?"

"Who?" responds Pump. "I don't remember that." Unconvinced, Joe continues pressing. "I told you," responds Pump. "It ain't my fault, I was asleep. I'm so sorry about that." Though he doesn't exactly seem that remorseful about the situation -- nor does his excuse hold much water to begin with -- an apology is an apology. Still, some have maintained that actions should have consequences, and Lil Pump should not be free to diss whoever he likes without repercussion on wax. 

Check it out for yourself below, and sound off if you think Eminem will take the time to give Lil Pump a bar or two on his next big release.